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Lightning Protection


Lightning Protection Susrge (suppressor/arrestor)

Southeastern Power offers your home and business Transient Voltage surge suppression/arrestor protection for the entire electrical system.  We are a recognized and official Stedi-Power dealer and installer for the entire Southeast.  Stedi-Power protects your entire electrical service from lighting strikes and surges.  Stedi-Power is a UL listed product.  Unlike most so called “surge protection strips” that at best only protect certain components, Stedi-Power covers every electronic device in your home or business.  Lightning is responsible for over 37 million dollars in insurance related claims from homeowners each year.

Major insurance companies state that more than two claims due to lighting related damage in five years allows them to cancel your insurance.  Stedi-Power carries a two million dollar LIGHTNING protection warranty.

Stedi-Power Models SP 120-240S/120-208S
Residential Applications/Commercial Applications

  • AC Service Type - Single Phase  
  • Nominal Operating Voltage - 120/240V
  • Surge Suppression Level - .9kV  
  • Initial Clamping Voltage - 132V to 264V
  • Number of Leads - 4
  • Operating Frequency Range - 50-60 Hz
  • Maximum Surge Current Capacity - 60,000A
  • Enclosure Rating - NEMA 4:IP54
  • Weight -.38lbs
  • Three Phase
  • 120/208V
  • 0.8kV
  • 132V to 228V
  • 5
  • -50-60 Hz
  • 180,000A
  • NEMA 4:IP54
  • 1.94 lbs

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